Extension Services

Extension Services –Our objective is to transfer technology from LAB to LAND & also getting feedback from Land to Lab. We aim at producing & publishing video documentaries on latest technologies in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Allied Agri-business in the form of DVD & Web Portal for the benefit of our farmers.


We aim to raise the livelihoods of farmers across India through the targeted production and dissemination of agricultural information via educational documentaries, participatory videos and mediated instruction through grassroots-level partnerships. This work begins by disseminating targeted agricultural information to large, medium, small & marginal farmers using a cost-realistic media exchange that is supported by existing, people-based extension systems and local facilitators.


Agro roots builds and deploys information and communication technology in Agriculture to amplify the effectiveness of development efforts to affect sustained, social change. Marketing Pro aims at Video films on various new technologies in the field of agriculture that can be produced and used within a rural development process. When focusing on production these documentaries would be conveyed much more meaningfully when scripted, shot & edited by professionals with Agriculture background.


These videos can be effectively used by farmers to adapt to the new technology, to avail the subsidies & schemes available at the Government level. It would be easier for them to contact the right technical experts for their problems in respective areas. This can also be used by extension officers to provide training to the smaller communities in the village.


The importance of producing video films by professional agriculture graduates with farmers & technical experts emphasizing production processes as a route-map of farming processes and activities. After the production processes the focus will be on the use of the produced video film by farmers or facilitator(s), as a tool to disseminate information from one group of farmers to other farmers with similar experiences. The aim is to provoke inner reactions and emotions beyond a simple technical message transfer and lastly to facilitate the process of sharing the reaction between viewers to initiate a move, an initiative.